About! What a word. What is this page about?what am I about? what is my music about? Let’s start with this page. This page is about me getting my music to you, the listener. what am I about? I like to think of myself as a musician songwriter. I try hard to put a message or advice into each of my songs so listen carefully or you might miss it. My music is definitely an extension of myself. I hope it gets your toe tapping and perhaps help you through something that has taken place in your life. Maybe just make a day outing a little bit more enjoyable. On a personal level I have songs in my memory that bring back the feelings from a past event- and that only makes that song a bigger part of me. I would like you to take my music with you through parts of your life and get that same feeling years from now when you hear one of my songs played somewhere in the future, and you will hear my music in the future.

Thanks for listening,

James Sloan

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