James Sloan performs on Rogers Television

Here is the TV spot I did on Daytime Toronto. I was joined By Harpin Norm Lucien on harmonica and Nicholas ‘Downward’ Dimitriadis on bass. The show aired Monday March 24. The sound was great and everyone liked the tune. I will be doing a second session to promote the CD release party this summer.

About jamesfsloan

My music, would be classed as “roots music”. I have ballads soft and sweet, Country rock, blues both soft and raunchy. I write all over the map. When it comes into my head it gets written. I have songs like “Remember Them Well” that I wrote for specific events. That song was written for a remembrance day service my students and I performed at four years ago. We have done it every year since. Last year I added “ While I’m Gone” . This song is about a young man telling his family that he has decided to go over and fight in the war. I try very hard to put a message into each song. The funny thing is Different people get different messages. From the feedback of different fans I have learned that music triggers different reactions and as long as it isn’t taken as evil or derogatory I can live with that. As long as my fans feel good after one of my shows or after listening to a CD of mine then I feel good. I have done what I started out to do. Make people feel good. About themselves, about life, and especially about watching or listening to me perform.
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