James Sloan showing more forceful presence in the spotlight lately

Photo credit: Gary 17

Photo credit: Gary 17

About a year ago a high-profile Roots promoter approached to ask “What do you think about James Sloan?”

My honest answer was that while I was a fan of the Roots Pop songwriter’s thoughtful lyrics and very tasty and versatile guitar playing, I felt he did himself a disservice by being so laid back and not projecting himself more when on stage.

I’m not at all sure that my comments had anything to do with it, but this powerful songwriter’s approach certainly has changed over the past few months. He seems to be everywhere these days, jumping on opportunities to do feature sets at open stages, mini-festivals or other events and usually recruiting various people to play with him when he does.

Sloan has also been spending a lot of time in the studio with some of these folks recording a new album (he already has a couple out). While hatching new product makes some performers reluctant to get out and play as much, it only seems to have fueled Sloan to want more live exposure.

Tonight he has another spotlight on him as he’s the feature act for Julian Taylor’s 8-12 (new earlier hours due to noise regulations) Monday open stage at Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Ave., doing a showcase set (no doubt backed by at least a couple of other players) starting at 9:30. -Gary 17


**Original Article by Gary 17 can be found here: http://www.torontomoon.ca/james-sloan-showing-more-forceful-presence-in-the-spotlight-lately/

About jamesfsloan

My music, would be classed as “roots music”. I have ballads soft and sweet, Country rock, blues both soft and raunchy. I write all over the map. When it comes into my head it gets written. I have songs like “Remember Them Well” that I wrote for specific events. That song was written for a remembrance day service my students and I performed at four years ago. We have done it every year since. Last year I added “ While I’m Gone” . This song is about a young man telling his family that he has decided to go over and fight in the war. I try very hard to put a message into each song. The funny thing is Different people get different messages. From the feedback of different fans I have learned that music triggers different reactions and as long as it isn’t taken as evil or derogatory I can live with that. As long as my fans feel good after one of my shows or after listening to a CD of mine then I feel good. I have done what I started out to do. Make people feel good. About themselves, about life, and especially about watching or listening to me perform.
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