Thoughts on Winterfolk

Well Winterfolk is done. What an awesome weekend of friendship, music and a whole lotto love. I’ll be at Sebs open mic at the Black Swan tomorrow but I know it will be a while before I out do this weekend. Thanks to all for the support and kind comments. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it all possible. I met so many new musical friends that right now it’s all a blur. Sue and Dwight it’s been a long time since I sat in as part of an audience and did not need a song sheet to sing along. If you like to sing along at concerts you need to see their group play. They play at the free times caffe on wednesdays but not every Wednesday so I hope Sue or Dwight will add a comment and let us all know what Wednesday they play. I’m going to see them again so what more can I say. Keep it up you guys you are totally awesome. Harpin Norm Lucien, Seb Agnello and Peter Verity Thanks for the help and support and I look forward to hearing and playing with you again and again and again. Remember March 1st I’m at the Black Swan for the entire evening starting at
9:30Pm and the last time I played at the Swan I played until after last call. If you guys are singing and dancing I’ll keep playing until they pull the plug. See you march 1st. I’ve invited Jubilani to take the stage that evening for a while. I hope they show because their South African music is out of this world. I saw them play at the Ocff ( now the FMO Flk Music Ontario) conference and their music stuck with me. This reminds me of Christmas Eve when I was a kid. How am I going to get to sleep after this. WOW.

About jamesfsloan

My music, would be classed as “roots music”. I have ballads soft and sweet, Country rock, blues both soft and raunchy. I write all over the map. When it comes into my head it gets written. I have songs like “Remember Them Well” that I wrote for specific events. That song was written for a remembrance day service my students and I performed at four years ago. We have done it every year since. Last year I added “ While I’m Gone” . This song is about a young man telling his family that he has decided to go over and fight in the war. I try very hard to put a message into each song. The funny thing is Different people get different messages. From the feedback of different fans I have learned that music triggers different reactions and as long as it isn’t taken as evil or derogatory I can live with that. As long as my fans feel good after one of my shows or after listening to a CD of mine then I feel good. I have done what I started out to do. Make people feel good. About themselves, about life, and especially about watching or listening to me perform.
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